Saturday, July 2, 2011

Irish Chain

This week's block was a bit of a surprise, coming the week of Independence Day.

I chose to use the one predominantly green fabric I had used early on in the series, to signify the Irish part of the story of the week behind the choice of the Irish Chain. It's one of the fabrics Mom chose for the musical themed quilt I made for her and Dad several years ago.


Dorry said...

I will need to go back and see where else you used this pretty green fabric. This is one of the blocks that does benefit from a fussy cut center and you have taken advantage of that.

Sherrye said...

One of my favorite patterns!

Rhonda said...

I really like the Irish chain pattern too, I have done 3 Irish chain quilts in the past! I love your green fabric too, I'm pretty sure I have some of that in my stash too from a few years back. This makes me think of a certain round robin quilt and I will try and remember this block when it comes to my turn to work on it.

very nice Cheryl!