Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update on Trees quilt

This quilt, an abstract of my vision of our winter landscape, was last seen months ago on the blog when it was only two blocks. Slowly, I added new blocks though I didn't really like what I had done. But finally, I designed this layout with the solid blocks of silk. The silk refuses to stick to the design wall, so it looks a little baggy here and there.

The photo shows the whole quilt - i.e., the bottom is not cut off. I have to decide on framing borders now. And figure out what I'm going to do for quilting. The quilting will really show on the solid silks, it will be nearly invisible on the pieced blocks.

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Dorry said...

The question of how to quilt this will be complex to answer. I'm wondering if it really needs a border? It could be treated as a contemporary piece and left without a border and, after quilting, faced, rather than having a traditional binding.