Saturday, June 18, 2011

Calico Puzzle - Week 25

This would be a straightforward block to make ... at 6 or 9 or 12 inches. I decided to follow BB's instructions for this nine-patch block. I think next time, I'll check for those 16ths of an inch. I didn't like that my half square triangle units were smaller than my squares.

I thought I had plenty of fabrics to pick from till I got to this block. Weary of using the large scale prints I had been working with, I looked around at my other fabrics for the floral to put in the center. The rich gold fabric was one I only had about a small bit of - the rest of it is in a quilt I gave Mom and Dad several years ago. I had been saving it for a time like this, when I was getting tired of picking from the rest of the choices. It's just a darker version of the golds I already had and I'll be able use it in a few more blocks to make it fit better.

At week 25, we can layout a square grid. Some of the quilters working on this have already started setting the blocks together. I'm going to want to consult with the recipients before I decide on the size for the finished quilt, so that's not an option for me until later this year.

These are shown in the order I made them, read as though you were reading a book. They won't go this way into the quilt. I'll be distributing the colors and the types of blocks -- there's a lot to work with: stars, pinwheels, center-focus, diagonal-focus... It's not going to look like a Civil War quilt with that much going on and such a wide variety of fabrics in my palette. The setting and border fabrics will have to work quietly and tie them all together.

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Dorry said...

It is fun to see how all the block look laid out together. While that rich gold you used today looks as though it is really going to stand out when you see it in just the one block your photo of all 25 blocks together quickly disproves that notion.It is looking good!