Monday, December 5, 2011

Blue-eyed kitten - blue yarn

So what am I knitting now? It's a large throw that is going to take a while longer than a sweater. I started it at the same time as the fingerless-mitts I showed recently.

A few weeks ago, little Lily could not leave the ball of yarn alone - even digging in the project bag to pull it out and start trotting away with it. So the mitts were completed while very little was accomplished on the throw. The mitt yarn did not seem to create the attractive nuisance this one does, and the smaller project was easier to hide away.

But Lily can sit next to the yarn now and leave it alone. You can't see her eyes in this lighting, but she will look very pretty on this throw.

And I know any cat would love it - they like quilts, but fuzzier wooly things are even better.

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Dorry said...

This looks so pretty and soft. Is it still on the knitting needles?