Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 51 - New York

Who would have thought this block would be called "New York?"

Well, my photo appears a bit skewed. I didn't have the right shaped piece of any fabric with stars on navy - Actually I may never have bought star prints of any color for my quilts. Happily, my joint projects with Joyce left me with a single strip of these stars on navy, so I decided to paper piece the block with the star in the corner. I drafted it at 9 inches in EQ, then printed it to finish at 8 inches. In my haste, I forgot EQ does not automatically print the templates in reverse and started merrily piecing. I didn't realize my error until I was ready to put the stripes together. Since I had to pick out some short-stitch-length seams and put it back together I see there's room for improvement in my seam matching. But I'll wait to see how I feel about that in the morning.

As with the Peterson's star, it bothered me that the bottom stripe is not red and there were going to be an even number of stripes. Therefore, I chose my brown and white printed fabric for that stripe so it's less white. Makes me happier this way anyway.


Dorry said...

Oh, I like your version with the pieced star. I do see what you mean about the bottom stripe. How about reversing the order? Anyway, I do like the sparkle the small piece of starry fabric gives to the background of the top left star.

Sherrye said...

I'm with Dorry on this one. Love the dark blue starry fabric!