Friday, December 30, 2011

Joyce's Quilt - update

I managed to get the next phase of Joyce's quilt top pieced even with too much help from Moki. The quilt-in-progress was last seen when I was in Chicago for Roger and Laurie's wedding. At that time, I got one corner put together while Joyce worked out the layout for the color gradation with help from her daughter Niki. To keep their work intact, I brought it home with all the pieces pinned to a sheet.

Even though the pieces looked beautiful, there's something more special when you get them sewn together. This view is turned 90 degrees from how Joyce intends to use it.

Lily is proving she's a cat - I laid this out on the bed first and she was there, then I brought it downstairs and she was was in the photos here as well.

Now it's up to Joyce (currently on a cruise vacation with her family) to decide on the border fabrics so I can finish this up! Her last quilt had a gradation of blues for an inner border about three inches wide, and solid black to drape over the edge of the bed. We used Vicki's black-white gradation for those triangle insets - and a red-blue one supplemented all the fabrics we had for the pieced colored areas. So Joyce may be able to find something she likes in Vicki's shop for that border.


Dorry said...

It's always good to have the seal of approval from the kitty cat. In this case, Lily is showing her superior ability to notice a very fine looking quilt top. Will the border be pieced or not? At this point it is a very stunning looking quilt-to-be.

Vicki W said...

So I opened this page and didn't read anything. I just stared at the quilt, pinned it to my Pinterest page and said to myself "I could use my black gradient for triangles like that". Then I read the text. It's spectacular! It sparkles.

tbnmm said...

Wow! Looks even better than I pictured in my head! Thanks!