Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fabrics update

Yesterday, Norris and I went to Waynesville to shop for a new table for the screened porch. The route goes directly by the quilt shop there where I found these for Dana's Grandmother's Choice quilt -

I'm especially happy to have found the bold large leaf lower right - where the yellow just jumps off  the dark dark green.  The stripe I have arranged at the top is another special find.  They only had one fat quarter of it left so it's a good thing we stopped there yesterday. That fabric adds black to the mix, but the green and yellow stripes will be striking when fussy cut and arranged in a block.  I wouldn't have said "I need lemons" for this quilt - but when that print on the left just below is cut up, you will notice small leaves and blocks of the brilliant golden yellow.

My friend Sherrye posted photos of some fabrics she has that will be perfect additions.  Her fabrics have a lot of personality.  It's so nice when quilters offer to share their prized possessions.  There are a few more prints I've seen on-line I may "need" to get - indeed, Dorry found one yesterday.   But I have enough now to get started - the series starts in just a week!


Sherrye said...

You ran into some great finds! I, too, think the bottom one is perfect for your project. Who would have thought of lemons and limes, but it's logical!!! Nature usually provides what we need in many ways.

I am really looking forward to this one, as green(plants) and yellow(sunshine) are two of my favorite colors.

Dorry said...

Some more great retail therapy I see! But did you find a table?

Anna Banana said...

I wondered about the table, too!
I'm looking forward to following BB's block of the week project, and though 49 weekly blocks seems daunting to me, perhaps I'll learn a bit of history and make enough blocks for a smaller project. I know I'll enjoy your posts and progress on this project.