Sunday, August 12, 2012

The edges of Christmas

No longer Christmas in July, I'm still working on the quilt.  There is a lot of piecing for the main border.  I slapped the quilt on the design wall so the effect is visible on the left side - but it's not all straight and smooth.

Some of the nine-patches are set with their triangles, but in the photo, many are just laid out in position ready for piecing. The little red and green squares are in sets of four red and five green, waiting for their turn.


Dorry said...

Aha, progress. Is there to be space between the pieced border and the main central block unit? Looking good!

Sherrye said...

That's going to be really pretty. I like all the white space. It reminds me of snow on the evergreens with cardinals in the bushes.