Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grandmother's Choice: Week 1 - Grandmother's Choice

The block this week is called Grandmother's Choice - fittingly, also the name of the series.  I have a variety of fabrics of all kinds and don't intend to make this quilt entirely of old-fashioned prints, but I decided this block could pay tribute to my grandmothers' day with a pair of brocade-style prints.  I have spent some time studying photos of the William and Mary campus on both the official school website and Flickr.  I decided this first block should include both the green and gold colors.

I was surprised by the interesting illusion that I curved the seams where the fussy-cut green and white print blends in with the larger scale print of the green triangles. There are only straight lines in the block.

Both my grandmothers were alive when Dana was born.  She has probably seen this photo of the two of them, taken at her parents' wedding in 1983 -

Faye  - my mother's mother on the left; and Mary, my father's mother

But the quilt will concentrate on my mother's mother, who was married in 1913.  This is a photo of her and my grandfather, not taken at the wedding, but from the era -

I will undoubtedly have more information about my grandparents to share as this Block of the Week progresses.


Anna Banana said...

Wow! You don't waste any time! The block is a great start, and it is interesting to see how those seams seem to bow out. Working with fabric creates some interesting surprises, that's for sure.

Joyce said...

How fun it is to see the picture of our 2 grandmas and the one of grandma and grandpa. For some reason I looked at the second one and saw Carl...don't remember ever seeing that before, not sure why that popped in my mind this time! (Maybe a little Bobby, too)

Marjorie said...

I love the optical illusion. Emily was a math major and taught high school match for three years before having all my grandchildren. We spent a lot of time creating virtual quilt blocks for her classroom that had straight lines that looked like curves. Using fabric patterns to do this is more interesting. Now you've given me more to see when I go to the quilt shop.

Love the photos of the grandparents and the quilt connection.

Sherrye said...

Cheryl, not only do you make beautiful quilts, but your stories to go with them are always so interesting. Thanks for sharing your insights, stories, and talents!!

Dorry said...

You have used some great fabrics for this block Cheryl. Will we find something to say about the history aspect each week I wonder? I do think the historical layer adds a great deal to the project and it was fun to be introduced to your Grandmothers.