Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week 2 Amethyst

This week's history lesson was about the choice of colors for the Britain's Women's Social and Political Union in England - Purple, Green and White - a pretty combination.  But my quilt for Dana does not include purple, so her Amethyst block, which has also gone by the name Diamond Star,  was going to wind up a mix of gems if I stayed in green and yellow.  I decided to make it an emerald and emphasize the "facets" of the design.

The greens in these fabrics are not exactly the William and Mary hunter but I liked how they worked together in this design.  I am planning to use a wide variety of greens

This is a block that could weaken the resolve of many a modern piecer, as you cut the fabric shapes the way quilters cut blocks before the advent of the rotary cutter: with templates.  I printed mine on card stock, then used a 1/16th inch hole punch to make holes to mark the intersections of the seam allowances.  Once that preparation was done, putting this together accurately to finish at the designed 8 inches was easy.


Sherrye said...

Because of all your fussy cutting and symmetry, it reminds me of a kaleidoscope (which reminds me of multiple gems). Pretty!!

Dorry said...

Lovely fussy cutting on those long pointy pieces Cheryl. I'm wondering about the real color as my monitor does not seem to be giving it the vibrancy that I think is there. You've made a very sophisticated block.