Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Jersey - Week 5

The block today looks like a traditional Shoo-Fly quilt block with a big "X" over it.  The "X" signifies the right of women to mark the ballot.

I started with an idea to use darker greens, but Dorry, who lived in New Jersey a number of years ago, reminded us that one of its nicknames is The Garden State.  So I looked to created a block in softly toned florals.  The darker gold on the "x" makes that element stand out. I used templates created in Electric Quilt to get accurate sizes for all these pieces.  In another couple of weeks, I'll have to take a photo of the blocks all together - I like Dana's green and gold color scheme much more than I anticipated.


Dorry said...

It's interesting to see the differences between the blocks made from the EQ templates and those who followed the cutting instructions on the GC website today. That's quite a collection of florals you put together this week. You easily achieved your goal of a softly toned floral block.

Anna Banana said...

I'm back and ready to start thinking about making some blocks! Yours are looking great. I look forward to seeing them all posted together. Your color scheme should be taking shape nicely.