Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baskets for the Bridesmaids

Dorry has provided us with yet another Vintage Revisted challenge in the June Bride series! This time we start with a bit of red and white piecing.  I have illustrated it here as it is intended to be viewed, though the black background was introduced when I rotated the photograph 45 degrees.

Yes, it's a basket block, which, if you were reading my Civil War posts, you will know are not among my favorites.  You can see in the photo this sewist had a few problems.  The small red triangle on the far left is quite mangled.  It includes a rather large pleat in the seam line where it meets with the large white triangle.  She did that in order to make something of a straight line with that side of the basket, needed to piece the white rectangle on.  The triangles on the right side don't line up properly, though she managed to put them together and into the block without the aid of any pleats.  

Since she never completed her work, I don't feel too badly about changing this block from a basket to an abstract geometric block, still composed of triangles.  I'll leave much of what you see intact, but there won't be any basket visible when I'm done. I've just finished doing a bit of corrective seaming on the triangles, leaving most of the original stitching in place.  It will still obviously be a vintage block.

My alterations will end up with a block of about the same size as this one.  I'll post an update soon.  Then I get to use it for another 24x24 inch quilt.


Sherrye said...

WOW, you have a LOT of projects going on right now!! Better too many than not enough, I guess, huh?!!

Anna Banana said...

I'm intrigued.