Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 8 - Rocky Road to Kansas

This week's block, like week 4, celebrates Barbara Brackman's home state of Kansas.  It's also my husband's home state, and I made this block once before, in a quilt for his mother.

The specific block doesn't show up very well in the photo so here's a crop for detail-

For my Kansas Carpenter's Quilt Walk quilt for Norris' mother, I was somewhat guided by the value scheme used in the huge blocks done in colored cement, placed around the county courthouse in her home town, Great Bend.  This link has some of the story behind the Kansas Quilt Walk.

Rocky Road to Kansas also resembles Week 2's Amethyst, though for this one, traditionally, the four points are randomly string pieced on foundations. 

To make this week's block distinctly different from the Amethyst, I decided to piece the points.  I foundation pieced them to make use of some hand dyed yellow fabrics that I had only small scraps of.

I don't know why I had the yellow and gold striped fabric in my collection, but it was fun to piece it to make concentric squares for the center of the block.  Dorry sent me the rich dotted green batik that lets my twisty golden yellow star glow in the dark.


Sherrye said...

and glow in the dark, it does. Very bright and cheerfule. Good contrast!

Anna Banana said...

Wow! That has pizazz!

Dorry said...

This weeks block was a challenge to make it distinct from week 2. You did a great job and also honored the traditional style of string piecing. The deep green makes for a great way to highlight the yellow star.

Marjorie said...

That block is spectacular - I love the center and the pieced points and the background. It's the perfect confluence of design and fabrics.