Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week 6 - Aunt Eliza's Star

Today's history lesson was about women's rights - in addition to the vote.  The Aunt Eliza's Star block was chosen to represent Eliza Custis Law, granddaughter of Martha Custis Washington. The layout of it gives a large central focus area, which I chose to fill with something personal for Dana -

I found the photo of the William and Mary wall mosaic at the National Gallery in London on Flickr with a creative commons license.  Still, I decided to contact the photographer Matt from London, who replied, "I'd be delighted for you to include the photo on the quilt. Thanks for asking."

My mind jumped to London because Eliza's husband was British, and the lack of child custody rights for women were similar in England and the United States. I added the George Washington stamp print - a free-to-use internet image - for Eliza's step-grandfather.  The beautiful striated green fabric is another hand-dye by Vicki Welsh.

I took a photo of the group of blocks today. 

I'm pleased with how the greens and yellows work together, and with the mix of bright and subdued prints.


Dorry said...

The blocks are playing together very nicely. And the personal touches are very creative. Gosh, how different some of these look when you swing them round on point.

Anna Banana said...

Looking great!

Vicki W said...

The greens and yellows look great and I love that center medallion for this block.

Sherrye said...

When you told me you were using brights AND subdued, I was skeptical, but you knew what you were doing!! It is beautiful together so far...I really like it!

Béa said...

The blocks play together very nicely and I love your creativity.

Marjorie said...

Wow, love the way those blocks look together and the photo medallion is perfect. Haven't read blogs in a couple of weeks, so had a lot of fun reading your Colorstorm and basket posts. I love baskets, so can't wait to see what you do with that one.