Friday, October 12, 2012

No more basket

The basket block for the New from Old challenge quilt last seen looking like this....


... is no longer a basket.  It's a Lady of the Lake.  No more sloping right side, either.  I rotated the block so you can see the transformation - again the black triangles were created in software.  (They won't be in the quilt.)

The new muslin triangles along the lower edges were cut from the side rectangles from the original block, supplemented with my own fabric.  Two new small red triangles used to be the basket's "feet" - and the rest are the red printed fabric that we must use in this challenge.  No my triangles are not perfect - the sides I started with weren't and I was trying to make this square.  I did adjust the point mismatch at the bottom after I saw this picture though.

It seems most Lady of the Lake quilts are blue - and blue is a requirement of all the June Bride challenges.  My "lady" is in red which is a song I could use for the title, but it's not a particular favorite, so this quilt will have another name, to be revealed later.  For a change, I have a quilt name in mind before I finish the project.

Another requirement of the challenge is to use the entire vintage block.  I used the muslin triangle the basket used to sit on for the next phase of the quilt top.  The pieces shown below were cut off and will not make it into the quilt, but I'm pretty sure it's o.k. to leave out such small slivers and bits - these are sitting on a 1-inch grid for scale.

 I'm working on the next phase already.

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Sherrye said...

That's quite a time I need repair work, I'm coming to YOU!!!