Monday, October 22, 2012

Basket-->Lady of the Lake-->??

I finished piecing the center for my June Bride/basket quilt.  I started with a couple of variations on The Priscilla to come up with this original setting.  The main innovation is a frame shaped like a  slightly pinched square on point, colored to look like it is on top of the pieced points in the corners.

The missing muslin triangle from the basket block is now pieced into one of the larger outer triangles on the left.  You can see it because of the slightly pinkish tint to the old muslin compared to my newer pieces.  I placed the required blue in the points with a sweet pastel roses/striped fabric left over from a project for a friend with Victorian/romantic taste.

I wrote this up and thought I published it a while ago - I know I got the little quilt this far along before taking my machine in for annual service, and they've had it for three and a half weeks.  I used my other sewing machine to paper piece the border, so its ready to be quilted.

To challenge myself I'm doing something different to quilt the Lady of the Lake center block, completely ignoring the piecing, using a thread that will show up on both the white and red fabrics.

Well, that's my plan.  It's so unlike my usual approach, I may hate it and have to revert to my usual quilting style.


Sherrye said...

I had forgotten about this one, AND you are STILL waiting for your machine?!!! Hope you get it back soon. If it's your favorite, it's like missing a child! Love the "off" red of the outer triangles.

Dorry said...

This is looking very cool and interesting so far. I really like the "pinched square" aspect.