Thursday, October 11, 2012

The other side

Several weeks ago, I posted the photos of Ellen's quilt for her granddaughter.  I finished the second one, which used to be the back of the Princess quilt, and finally took photos this week. I didn't get one of the full quilt.  It was wet outside when I took these and I couldn't find an indoor patch of sunlight that was not disrupted by shadows  - but the photos in the afternoon sun do show off the quilting best.  In most lighting, the quilting is not this obvious.

Much of the quilt - be sure to click for the larger view.

You may have noticed the swirling trail I gave the butterfly above for some movement, but you probably couldn't see how the frog also moved, hopping from the flower garden to its current location

The bunny was just relaxing in the scene, but you can see the mix of feathers, ferns, leafy and flowery designs I used. The cut off areas are more of this type of fill.

Ellen's applique is really cute - and incorporates several things to make her design very special for Elizabeth.


Sherrye said...

I love your work, Cheryl, because you put so much thought into the design that is appropriate!! Love the MOTION!!

Anna Banana said...

How sweet. Nicely done!

Dorry said...

How did I miss seeing this one? How lovely and special this now looks.