Saturday, October 6, 2012

Operation Colorstorm - Part 1

Last night, starting just before dark, a group of fiber artists gathered in downtown Weaverville, then fanned out to create "Public Art" - AKA a Yarn Bombing.  Here are a couple of photos taken during the installation.

Remember my photo from yesterday captioned, "Hickory Dickory Dock"?

My tree sweater in the local high school colors, red and black

A cooperative effort by other members of the team

Custom fitting a tree sweater (the maker, our organizer, is in the light clothing)

One of the more complicated installations in process
The team worked well into the night. Norris and I got up early this morning, planning a trip to the local bakery-cafe for breakfast, hoping all would still be in place for the weekend downtown activities.


Dorry said...

This looks exciting. I hope you get a positive response from the townsfolk. I love the mice running up the clock.

Sherrye said...

Your pieces are as cute as I imagined!