Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week 10 - New York

Today, I was delayed starting work on this block because I went to Early Voting at the Town Hall.  There is little danger of having to wait in line at our polling place on Tuesday, but now, when the my phone rings I can smile and respond, "Thank you, I already voted."

This is not the first traditional quilt block I think of when I think of New York, but the other one really signifies the Statue of Liberty - and this week we are honoring Susan B. Anthony who made history by voting in the presidential election on November 5th, 1872.

The block seems like it should be red, white and blue, as I did it for the Civil War quilt  - - you can see it here -- Civil War Week 51.

But our leaders showed it in different color combinations: green and purple, red and white, and all green, so I made my green and yellow version for Dana.  I rather like the bright mix I finally settled on.

Thanks to our grandmothers, the politicians have been paying attention to "women's issues" this election.

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Dorry said...

I love the scrappy approach! Have we seen that lower green toile before? Another great block.