Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 13 - Everybody's Favorite: Universal Suffrage

This week's history lesson focused on the evolution of Universal Suffrage, particularly in the United States.  The block, called "Everybody's Favorite" is not one I've ever pondered before. It has a slightly tricky area, where the small triangle meets the stripe - the white color in my block.

I chose to make the slightly more elaborate original version of the block - I like the way the white stripes create a focus on the center. Again we have an "x" to signify voting.

But for my own history lesson, I have to turn back to my grandparents whose 99th wedding anniversary is this coming week on November 27th. I posted the one early photo of the two of them back on Week 1 -  but here's another.  There is no date associated with this photo, but they both appear to be very young:

It's too bad there aren't more pictures! But we do have a good story from their wedding in Aunt Alice's ancestry book. She says they were married at Faye's house and spent their wedding night in the little house on Fielding's farm. Their friends surprised them with a charivaree that included dynamite. The exuberant noisemaking resulted in the breakage of some of the china they had received as wedding gifts.

Although Faye also had a great sense of humor, I suspect the rowdiness was somehow related to Grandpa's - here's an undated photo of a party -

I don't know if Fielding was the guest of honor, but he's sure making himself the center of attention - cropped so you can see his expression:

And that's Faye in the dark clothing directly behind him, wearing her smile.

On a less raucous note, here's a family photo from Faye and Fielding's 50th Wedding Anniversary -
May, Fielding (Buddy), Alice, Fielding, Faye, Loris and Myra

This is the formal portrait they had taken for the occasion. 

By the time Fielding died in 1982, they had been married close to 69 years.  Faye would have been 71, and Fielding 73 at the time of this photo.  Neither one of them dyed their hair!


Dorry said...

I may be repeating myself but your family history posts to go with your Grandmother's Choice blocks are interesting even to those of us not related. It is fun to see the fashions of the day. I wonder what color Faye's dress was in that last photo. And did she ever wear green and yellow together? Such a pity we can't know as the photos are mostly black and white.

Anna Banana said...

So, this block wasn't complicated enough for you... you had to add to the challenge!? I agree with Dorry... the photos and family history are indeed interesting and your photos elicit memories for all of us of a certain age. Thanks.

Cindy Tedesco said...

I love the way you always have a personal family connection to each blo