Friday, November 2, 2012

Tapestry at last

I started my version of Carol Sunday's Tapestry way back on the 8th of May - but two months later, after knitting the entire body up to the armscye, I figured out it was just going to be too small.  I took it all apart and started over. So that -- along with the Operation Colorstorm projects -- is why it took me so long to finish this sweater.

I've done colorwork before that was complicated, but I've never made anything out of such fine yarn as this sweater, with as much detail as it has with the lace and leaves and cables and seed stitch

I'm happy to say it fits.

 with room to spare.  It really would have been a sad day if I put it on and it was baggy or too tight.
I shortened the sleeves and raised the neckline at the center front just a little - this is why I like to make my own clothes!

Here are a few closeups of the knitted fabric.
 The yarn is tweedy with bits of darker stuff that look almost like seeds here and there.
 It is Brigadoon, a Carol Sunday yarn.

 And I'm looking forward to wearing it.


Sherrye said...

This is the best yet! What a beautiful pattern. Well worth the time it took. Many years of pleasure coming up from this fine piece of work!

Anna Banana said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You'll be wearing a knitted work of art!

Marjorie said...

That sweater is exquisite and inspires me to finish the lace stole that I started for my daughter last Fall. It's not as complicated, but that yarn takes a long time to make into fabric. I am so impressed. Also love the way the Christmas quilt turned out and the basket block is also spectacular.

Diane said...

This is gorgeous! Well worth makinf it fit.