Saturday, December 15, 2012

Week 16 Capital T

This block serves as a reminder that the first women to come to the women's suffrage movement were associated with the temperance movement, dating to the mid-19th century. I tried to highlight the star in the center instead of the four spikey "T" shapes, and chose a large flower for the center of the star. The other fabric choices include a toile and two green 19th Century reproductions. 

In my personal family history, I have to acknowledge Aunt Alice's birthday this week on the 19th - she would have been 98 this year.  I don't have the original of this photo of Faye and baby Alice - it must have been taken in early 1915. Aunt Alice used it for the chapter on Faye in her family history book.

But I do have a few other delightful photos - illustrating that parents in the 'teens of last century took photos of their children just as they do today -

My mother always pointed out that her sister Alice was their mother's favorite, evidenced by all the photos of Alice as a baby.  There were so many interesting ones, I had a hard time limiting the ones to post, so I'm including quite a few - this one must have been in a frame.

It's hard to recognize the adult Aunt Alice in those baby pictures, but I can definitely see her in this next pair. These were taken when she was two and a half.

Here's one of Alice with a cousin -

 Just one more - Aunt Alice with her younger brother called Buddy, born a year after Alice - so this was probably early 1916.

 I wonder if someone in the family knitted those little hats?  It was not Faye - she crocheted, but I don't believe she knew how to knit.  Someone else taught my mother to knit. Faye taught me to crochet, and my mother showed me the basics of knitting.


Sherrye said...

What your mother started with the "basics", you have expanded into beautiful pieces that anyone would be thrilled to wear!!

Dorry said...

I'm loving the chance to look at your family photos - what do you suppose prompted the sour look from those two on the swing?!

This is another of those blocks that change appearance dramatically when you move around the lights and darks.Are all those 8 darker green triangles from the same fabric?