Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 17 - Mother's Delight

This being Christmas week, I have to think of my own mother with a block named Mother's Delight. So I chose two of the fabrics she picked for a lap quilt I made for my parents a few years ago, thanking them for giving all five of us children piano lessons, as well as a second instrument, and an appreciation for music of all kinds. 

For Mom and Dad's quilt, I started with the piano print.  The small living room in our house had a cut-down concert grand in it for many years. The big piano didn't leave room for much else, so during those years, the family Christmas tree was short and wide so it could be placed on top of the piano,  the gifts piled on the floor underneath.

Mom and Dad came to the Washington DC area for a visit before I got the quilt started, and I asked for Mom's input to the plan.  I had pulled a much more colorful group of fabrics together, but Mom was set on using only the greens and golds with neutral accents. I bought a couple of new prints to add to the mix, including a light green roses print.

That and the green instruments are the two fabrics I started with for this block.

The yellow music print I used here was one I acquired after making the quilt for Mom and Dad.  Dana also plays the piano, and like her Dad and my Dad, the trombone.  Sadly, though that dark green has its place here, there is no trombone for Dana, nor a saxophone for Mom. Mom's main instrument was her voice anyway.  She was most comfortable singing alto, but could sing soprano as well if the choir director needed her to.

I don't think this is the prettiest block I've made for the quilt, but I hope the dimensional qualities can be brought out when I quilt it.

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Dorry said...

You have put such a lot of thought into the block this week and honored your Mom in a special way.