Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 18 - Cheyenne

This week's block recognizes Wyoming, the first territory or state to grant the right to vote to women, in 1869. This powerful image called The Awakening from 1915 was part of the story.  It depicts the West lighting the way for the oppressed women in the East.

This image is from the Library of Congress. 

The Cheyenne block design let me use a photograph from the William and Mary collection of Creative Commons licensed images I wanted to incorporate in Dana's green and yellow quilt. The Tribe is the sports team name.  It stands for union and comradery, which I thought went along with the idea of the illustration above.

 The photo is of a logo decal on a bus stop. I brought up the green just a little in this photo to print it on fabric and make it go with the commercial leaf prints I had in my fabric collection. 

My fabric placement probably makes more sense if you view it on point, as it will be set in the quilt.


Dorry said...

From a design point of view I think this block looks a lot better on point. The printed word looks subtle and well placed there in the center. Very nice.

Sherrye said...

I agree...on point is the best orientation. That print from the Library of Congress is very powerful in its message!