Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shindig 2013 - The Quilting is Done

We had snow and wind every day this week, so to get a good photo of the full quilt, I had fellow Mountain Jam Circle quilters Alice and Ann hold it up for me when I passed it back to them for binding this morning.

It is not the most flattering photo of either of the two people-subjects, but it was the best one of the quilt.

Here are some closeups of the quilting I managed to take yesterday laying the quilt out on a sheet on the driveway.

 The sun kept appearing and disappearing so there are different exposures.

I used matching threads and each color was treated the same way throughout -

straight lines in the brown,


feathers in the red 


 and three different swirly-twirly background fills in the cream areas.

This last photo shows the backing fabric. 


Vicki W said...

I just bought that pattern. I want to figure out how to use a gradient with it. I love your quilting!

Sherrye said...

As ALWAYS, I am impressed with your talent. The backing reminds me of MTC's first clogging dress .... red paisley. I loved it, and I love this quilt. I like the intertwining pattern, your skill at quilting, and the color RED!!!

Anna Banana said...

I think it looks stunning!

Cynamo said...

I'm looking to find this exact pattern! By any chance can you tell me where to locate it or can I purchase it from you?

Cheryl Kotecki said...

The pattern is Labyrinth by Debbie Maddy - it's available all over!