Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week 29 - Seven Pointed Star for Australia

This week we recognize the Australian women's movement, which followed New Zealand's and was also successful much earlier than ours.  Like our Kiwi sisters, the Australians helped swell the numbers of marchers in the processions in London and Washington.

The seven pointed star appears on the Australian flag but not so much in quilting patterns.  I drew my pattern with Corel Draw to make sure my design was symmetrical, so I only had one star point template, and could use the three top, side and lower corner background templates twice by turning them over.

I am finally in sync with this block's colors, since William and Mary shares the Australian movement's green, yellow and white! The very rich dark green that Dorry sent stands in for the dark blue field of the Australian flag. The ephemera that Ms. Brackman used to illustrate the history lesson included a green and yellow striped card with information and suggestions for participants in the 1911 march in London that I liked. But I have only one simple stripe with both green and yellow (I know it looks a bit blue in the photo but it is green, truly!). This stripe wasn't all that interesting, so I pieced a bright yellow with it before I cut out my diamond shapes. I have good friends in Australia -  so  I had to make this star special!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl Very interesting and something we did not know about Australia. Well done great work. We are having a great time with the Family especially the two little ones. They are so nice, no gorgeous. Only a week to go before they leave. Tear time coming. Erika and Brian