Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week 30 - Broad Arrow: prison garb

This week's block honors the British women who were repeatedly arrested for civil disobedience so that the dramatic images of them being hauled away by police would keep showing up in front of the members of Parliament.

Unlike prison uniforms in this country which were striped, the British uniforms were marked by a stitched or painted triple line that created an arrow shape, the Broad Arrow of the block's name.  It's not a pretty block, but it is interesting and I haven't seen it before.  I decided to do the four-part repetition version and used some busier, cheery prints that I needed after seeing the photos of the prisoners and thinking of them in those wretched conditions.  

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Dorry said...

The women imprisoned would doubtless have appreciated both the vitamins from the lemons and limes and the sight of pretty spring colored tulips. Great fabrics.