Monday, April 8, 2013

Old Town

I don''t know how most sweater designers come up with names, but this designer, Carol Sunday, lives in Northern Illinois, so this Old Town sweater name is probably about the Chicago neighborhood somehow. 

But my sweater lives in Western North Carolina, so I posed my mannequin in front of the view and the chimney on the deck this morning.

This sweater had an original construction, with only the sleeve seams to seam up. You started at the center back and worked out for a bit, then you did some on the lace trim coming around to the upper chest, and then completed each side of the yoke and shoulder. 

Ever lengthening short rows as you knit down from the shoulder point were used to shape the cap of the sleeve. This was the really interesting element to the construction.

After you pick up the stitches at the bottom of the yoke to knit the body, you add a lot of extra ones, giving it the look of gathers. 

Many of the people who have knit it have said they want to knit another, but I'm not sure.  There was a lot of knitting from the underarm down with nothing to do to make it interesting, just the lace and  regular increases right next to the lace to give it a sort of waterfall front -- the stiff mannequin is not really showing how the front drapes in real life.  The lace is done in a simple four row sequence. If I make it again, it will be because I want something brainless to do that results in a pretty sweater.


Sherrye said...

I love all of your sweaters, but this one is my favorite so far. The color is such a beautiful clear blue and the style with the yoke and "gathers" makes it look like a combination sweater/jacket/smock. I LOVE it!!
Very feminine.

Diane said...

I really like that lace panel, looks very feminine. Interesting sleeve construction! is it comfortable?

Anna Banana said...

I agree. Beautiful color and interesting construction... And very feminine! Lovely.