Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time for Tea - Quilted

Here are some photos for the benefit of the other four quilters working on this slice quilt project - and Dorry, who had a lot to do with this.  Click on the photos for a higher resolution version.

The whole quilt -  I did undo part of Alice's right-most leaf so I could applique it over the seamline with Ann's - makes a nice touch!
Love how the plate really looks like glass, how realistic the violet appears, the button on the lid of the tea kettle and the "lace" edging on the napkin on that part, how perfectly Ann recreated the whimsical lemon pig, the dimension of the raisins and icing on the Hot Cross Buns ....  and you can really see the dimension of the deck railing with the sun hitting the top.  

I took this at a more oblique angle so perhaps you can see a bit more of the quilting.

This one has the quilt on its front with one side pulled over so my colleagues can see the backing and its scale with the front.

Yeah, it's a little crooked - the checked fabric was not printed quite straight on grain.


Anna Banana said...

Yeah! It looks great, Cheryl! Nicely quilted, and I agree with all your comments. What a fun experience!

Dorry said...

What a great way to spend a Sunday. I just noticed the gleam on the left most portion of the plate - very clever! And the pattern on the violet pot. Are the violet leaves quilted or embroidered by the people who had that portion of the slice?

Hope you all had fun with this.