Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 32 Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie

This week's was the interesting story of how political Theodore Roosevelt was in his support of women's voting rights, starting from his senior thesis at Harvard on the subject.  He became President when William McKinley was shot in 1901, then won the 1904 election and retired for 1908.  In 1912, he decided to come out of retirement and ran under his own Bull Moose party, and, since by then six states had granted women the right to vote in Presidential races, he finally endorsed women's right to vote in the platform. Although he lost to Woodrow Wilson, California and Washington, two states where women could vote, supported him.

I had been looking for a block that would provide a good way to combine the lemon fabric I bought for this quilt, and the lemon fabric given to me for it by Dustin of the Flickr group. I liked the version of this block where two fabrics visually twist together to form the necktie, so this was my chance.

I think the lemons make a great tie-in to the California vote reference.


Dorry said...

I like this twisted version.

Anna Banana said...

A twist of lemon! How clever!