Monday, June 23, 2014

Austen Family Album Week 12 - Waves of the Sea

I thought I would do the more complicated original version of this block and that I would paper piece it for precision. 

Great idea except the block above (with the last three seams basted and not pressed) was 12 inches and I'm making mine 9.  I just didn't look at that setting when I printed the paper foundations.  

I took it apart down to all the sets of triangles - that is, I didn't not have to separate the two triangles that form squares, cut each square to the correct size for my quilt, and voila -

I left the paper attached but still lost some of the precision I had. In my photos, the only way to see the difference is in the scale of the blue and white print.  I didn't place them in exactly the same way the second time.

So this block was more than twice the work it should have been - all the unsewing costs about as much as recutting, but I didn't want to waste my precious periwinkle and yellow handdyes from Vicki Welsh!


Dorry said...

The new correctly sized version does not seem to have the same dynamic look in the yellow areas (especially in the center). But as I know it is the same fabric I'm going to assume it is the photo.Whatever - it's a great look for the block.

Anna Banana said...

A miscalculation that required deconstructing, trimming, and reconstructing would have to happen in a block that has a godzillion pieces!
This is something I would expect ME to do... Not you. But all's well that ends well and the finished block has a lot of interest!