Friday, June 6, 2014

Breezy Blue Summer Sweaters

Joyce picked out some patterns a while back for me to make for her - I just finished this quick knit -

 With lace straps instead of sleeves, it was a really quick project. It's a very interesting consruction with the bias panels on the sides. The back was knitted exactly the same as the front, but the seams attaching the bias pieces to the lace straps was completed, whereas they were left mostly unstitched in the front.

Back in April I made this summer top for Tanya.  This is the back. The front is pretty plain - just the dart shaping to break up the rows of knitting.  I have been waiting to write about it until I had a photo of Tanya in the sweater.  It doesn't really show well on my dress form which is my size, while Tanya and the sweater are not. But it may be awhile before I ever get my photos, since Tanya and her husband are buying a house.

 The back of the sweater is macrame, something new I thought would be fun to try. This photo shows some of the tools and techniques used to get the knots evenly spaced.

I thought that open back would make this sweater really fast to knit but since the macrame was all new to me, I think I might have finished it just as quickly if I had knitted that bulky yarn.  I gave the sweater to Tanya when I was in Chicago in late April, but she decided she'd get more use out of it without the fringe, so I had to cut it off and weave in the ends.  

Here's that plain front, too small for my dress form.  The color is a beautiful periwinkle and you can tell by the photos, the camera sensor is confused about whether it is blue or purple.

Both sweaters are from Vogue Knitting.


ancquilter said...

Macrame was very popular back in the 70's. Everyone had something in their house made with it.....usually a hanging plant holder!!

I love the unique and interesting. Always partial to periwinkle, cobalt, all the cool blues. Pretty!!

Anna Banana said...

Both those are very interesting patterns. Yes, I remember doing very simple macrame in the 70's... what an interesting detail it makes on the sweater. Both very pretty colors.