Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shindig 2014

Today, the Mountain Jam Circle met with Linda Smathers of the Folk Heritage Committee for the official handover of the 2014 Raffle Quilt.  Linda's expression tells you how happy she was with it, passing on the thanks of other committee members.

Alice hands our donation quilt to Linda Smathers at lunch in Asheville
This is the photo of the quilt we supplied they can use for publicity - obviously not a professional photo shoot, but you get an idea of the Delectable Mountains design -

Alice also provided this closeup that shows the variety of fabrics and the quilting - she did a good job on this photo, but Linda said it still doesn't adequately convey the pretty colors that fade from dark to light, like our mountain vistas.

For most people, the Mountain Jam Circle is an anonymous group of nice ladies who have provided the last three raffle quilts.  Of course, in reality we are real people, pictured below hand-sewing the binding edge on the back of the quilt a couple of weeks ago.  This photo, unlike most of what I post here, is actual size and will not get any larger if you click on it so we nice ladies can remain somewhat anonymous.


ancquilter said...

So pretty. It represents our mountains very well!!!

Anna Banana said...

Now our blogging circle is complete! Nice job!