Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm a winner!

When I was wandering the vendor aisles at AQS Quilt Week Chattanooga a week ago, there was a loud bell that sounded nearby and the very familiar voice of Bonnie Browning calling attention to everyone around. She was accompanied by a woman with a basket.

The ringing stopped and Ms. Browning asked if we were enjoying the show, which was greeted with cheers. Then she asked how many of us had joined AQS at the show - probably 6-8 women raised their hands, and the hand that shot up first in her eyesight was handed a prize out of the basket in return

Next she asked us to raise our hands if we had been a member of AQS for 10 years - well, I joined sometime shortly after my introduction to quilting class in 1994, so I raised my hand, along with several other women.  Probably too many hands went up because then she asked who had been a member more than 15 years.  I kept my hand up and was surprised when every other hand fell. See what came out of the basket for me -

There are actually five one yard pieces, neatly wrapped in that cellophane (there is no manufacturer's name printed in the selvedge).  They appear to be high quality, densely woven cottons.  Prizes were donated by show vendors - mine came from Accent on Quilting in Florida.  Here I have taken them out of the wrapper so you can see the variety of prints.

I'm pretty sure I can find a use for them.


ancquilter said...

Now, THAT's a prize worth winning!!

Anna Banana said...

What a nice surprise!

Vicki W said...

Those are beautiful! I love gray fabrics.