Friday, March 27, 2015

A new version

Dorry suggested posing the TV stand propped up to give more of the idea of the scale for some new photos.  It was far easier to turn it sideways - for the purpose, since there are no features to this cabinet like drawers and handles, one way is as good as another.  And the height is very close to that of the mattress this way.

After I took that picture, it went back to the garage for a new paint job.  I made a 50-50 mix of the wall paint to the tint I worked with earlier so that the color is closer to that of the wall. I included some of the stained window frame in this shot.

Norris is off doing the Search and Rescue exercise in the woods, so he has only seen the new color under artificial light.  He's not going to see it in sunlight until late Saturday at the earliest, so these photos are for him.  But anyone should feel free to chime in with ideas. We're still considering other options up to and including floor to ceiling built-ins.  Meanwhile, I have started haunting Craigslist and the local resale shops on-line announcements of new items.

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Anna Banana said...

You've been busy!
I think I had originally suggested grey or a darker version of the wall color, but now that I'm seeing how nicely that blends in with the wall color, I'm kind of liking that. Of course, though, Norris's vote is the one that counts.