Sunday, March 22, 2015

Results of My Painted Furniture Experiment

After two coats of primer, I spent more time on the internet and learned I should have bought an "adhesive" primer for the shiny laminate on the estate-sale TV stand and my light sanding was not going to give me a finish that would not chip off.  No matter  -- instead of an improved piece going to a thrift shop, I now had a total throwaway and didn't have to try to fix the misaligned screws and other flaws.  Here's what the too-short TV stand looks like trying to play the role of Bedside Table in my bedroom.  It is painted in the lightest version of the wall color on the paint-chip strip.

To give it a fair chance, I covered my quilt with an old comforter, plain off-white side up, and added colored pillows and a small wall quilt folded at the bottom of the bed -- that one is too small, but it helps my vignette look more "decorated."  With the off-white comforter and nearly-white TV stand, we felt we had to take the linen shades off the sconces.  We thought the results were not bad, but started to think about other finish colors - a somewhat more intense version of what's on the wall? Or perhaps gray??  So I grabbed our Marcus Thomas goldfinches print with its gray frame and placed it in the scene.  We did like how the frame color echos the metal finish of the sconce. 

There's still a lot of white in that framed print. What do you think?  Maybe we need a pale green or white piece with some gray highlights?


Anna Banana said...

Hmmmm... I do like the idea of a dark grey. But then I think a darker shade of your wall color would work, as well.

Judi Jetson said...

Your obsession with color and decorating is delightful to behold. Keep playing, keep it fun and not too somber.