Sunday, February 27, 2011

Civil War Block 9 - Birds in the Air

Joyce left earlier this morning with Niki and our Dad so the house seems quiet and lonely. I made my Birds in the Air block in blues since our Mom loved bluebirds.

This is a block I've considered using for a scrap quilt, so it was a good one to make. I used the directions provided for cutting the small triangles, and I printed an EQ paper template for the large triangle so I could cut it out of one corner of the fat quarter I have of that pretty dark blue floral. My completed block was a bit shy of the 8.5 inches square it should be unfinished, so I took out the center seam and moved the blue triangle over, giving it a slightly smaller seam allowance on that side. That fixed it right up.

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Dorry said...

Yes, you did well by adding in that floral to your fabric choices for this. That triangle is quite big and needs, at least I think it does, a large pattern fabric. Looking good Cheryl.