Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not only about quilting

I named my blog "Chronicles" so I could include creations and activities other than quilting. Recently I picked up some knitting projects that were laying dormant for about the last ten years. In fact, this is a sweater I started in mid-1993. I just started knitting again in January.

I decided I don't have any place to wear this little sweater now that it's finally completed, so I gave it to my niece Niki. She's a lot smaller than I am but my sister Joyce said this is the way Niki would wear it. She's modeling reluctantly for me just after dancing for about 4-5 hours at the local ballet studio - I told her if she didn't put it on for the camera, she'd have to give it back!

I purchased the yarn purchased on a trip with Diane that started with delivering a horse to Illinois. I bought the yarn when we stopped in Michigan to visit my sister and her family, and I started the sweater way back then, before Niki was born.

Here's a closeup of the back -

Well, there is a quilt in the top photo, behind my Dad laughing at Niki not wanting to show her face for me.

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Woodland Woolworks said...

It looks great! Love the lace around the top...