Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 8 Cotton Boll

This block is made of four of the same units as make up the Kansas Dugout. I made the Kansas Dugout units for the border of the Great Bend quilt (seen here) by cutting squares, placing smaller squares in the opposite corners, and seaming corner to corner.

This time, I decided to use a fabric with a lengthwise stripe centered in each quarter of the block. This would result in bias edges on the corners, so I used EQ to print four paper piecing units.

No worrying about measurements, and now the block is basted to paper, where it will remain for this next year while the rest of the blocks are being made. The paper will keep the bias on the outside edges from stretching the many times this block will be moved and handled.


Sherrye said...

: 0 ) Makes me think of water swirling down the drain! Lots of movement in that fabric!

Dorry said...

This was a great fabric choice Cheryl. Those diagonal pieces are a big splash of fabric so you need some interesting fabric pattern in that position.

Judy said...

The fabric works so well in this block! The pattern on the fabric comes together in the center and adds to the fun of this block.