Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lincoln's Birthday

I grew up in the Land of Lincoln, where February 12th is a state holiday. So, after being influenced by two of the International Round Robin Group, I included a small picture of our 16th President in this Log Cabin block -

So thank you, Jo and Judy, for sharing photos of your blocks so I could create this small tribute to the Rail Splitter on Lincoln's Birthday. When I started quilting, I would never have imagined that people of different backgrounds living on the other side of the world would provide me with such rich sources of new ideas!

And this week, I also learned that if you want to photograph a square thing, you really should get your camera square to the thing. Cropping can help a bit.


Dorry said...

Gosh, I'm behind the eight ball. Did I see those photos? But I'm jealous. Where did you get that fabric with the picture of Lincoln on it? I just "might" have to go fabric shopping. sigh. Your block is wonderful this week.

Sherrye said...

How clever.........I love log cabin blocks. Am planning one for the wall near my wood stove in Fall colors, but rustic reds instead of oranges.

Judy said...

Well, the Lincoln fabric is fantastic. So appropriate....I will have to peruse some web sites and may change my declaration of "no new fabric for this quilt".