Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 42 - H is for Hospital

I was of course aware of the American Red Cross origins a few decades after the Civil War, but had forgotten that Union field hospitals used a green H on a yellow ground.

Ms. Brackman used the block to symbolize the brave doctors and nurses who worked in the field hospitals. I was happy to have another reason to use this green fabric which I chose before deciding the quilt needed to be blue for Roger. It appears in only two prior blocks - but he should appreciate it anyway because our mother chose it for a quilt I made for our parents several years ago. I changed the directions ever so slightly, cutting the long strips of pink and yellow fabric 1/8th of an inch wider so more of the floral would show.

1 comment:

Dorry said...

The roses look great peeping out from behind the green H. And you were able to keep with the suggested color scheme for this week.