Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 40 - Order Number 11

The name of this week's block comes from the aftermath of the strike by Confederate sympathizers on the town of Lawrence, Kansas. This is an authentic Civil War era block - not all of these have been - and it's applique. Applique is not my strong suit, but I think it helps a sampler. I hope we get a couple more before this is over.

My block resembles the model made for the master website. I liked the color combination, and the background print I got in that new set of fabrics made a good scale contrast with the two fabrics I was already using for the project.


Sherrye said...

Oh, this has to be my favorite so far.....I, too, love the color combo and the design is so pretty. I made my granddaughter a hand-appliqued quilt for her 7th birthday (she's 11 now) with a pattern called "Flower Reel" in "sherbert" colors. It is still used and loved by her. It was my first (and only) hand applique, and I would do it again. So relaxing!! Most of my applique quilts are done on the machine with a satin/zigzag stitch.

Sherrye said...

I notice on the BB site, it says some of the blocks were pieced, but most were appliqued....can you imagine PIECING this? I'd go nuts for sure!!!

Dorry said...

Oh this looks so good Cheryl! Your fabric choices are lovely. I too have been waiting for/expecting another applique block for weeks now and I was very happy when this one showed up this morning. Having been to a class on hand applique with Karen Kay Buckley on Wednesday my inclination is to hand applique mine so don't go looking for it today.