Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 44 - Union

I was happy to see this block for one reason: I got to use almost every last bit of the darker gold fabric I had used in two other blocks. That fabric came from the music-themed quilt I made for my parents. However, this is one of those blocks I am always attracted to, but when I sew it, I dread the job of getting the points to meet up at the center of each side (where the gold fabric has to meet the white fabric in this case).

I sewed one of those seams at least 5-6 times - it looks like two of them aren't right, but I think it's only because the fabric has relaxed. When stretched flat they are close enough.

At the risk of confusing my viewers (one thought a blue fabric was brown, another thought a different blue fabric was green...) here are the fabrics I purchased for borders, sashing, and other finishing. These are all blue fabrics - since Roger likes blue. The aqua on the far right is the backing. The three on the left are Jo Morton 19th Century reproductions.

Now that the recipients have seen and approved this as a work in progress, I can proceed with some of what will have to be done to put the blocks together into a quilt. But I won't start final assembly until all the blocks are done - which will be at the very end of this year. Forty-four down, eight to go.


Judy said...

I think you have matched those points perfectly! I will be attempting a foundation option using my new EQ7. I am 5 blocks behind so I will spend this rainy Sunday to catch up!
It seems like it should be more than 8 weeks till 2012!!!!

Sherrye said...

I like the floral center square, but I wouldn't want to match all those points. You did a precise job! Your border fabrics are VERY attractive!!

Dorry said...

I'm happy to hear you have a plan for the setting/finishing. As to the number of blocks - I thought I read a while back that there are 53 Saturdays in 2011 and that would mean 53 blocks. But perhaps I am dreaming that. I like the random way in which it looks as though a tendril from the very center floral fabric in your block this week has flowed down into the next fabric.