Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 43 - Right Hand of Friendship

Ms. Brackman had a great story behind the choice of this block for the Civil War block of the week - go to her blog using the link to the right to read it.

I went back to the way this block was colored in BlockBase, and then didn't quite do that either. And I used those 1 16th of an inch increments for cutting these pieces - but it looks like I have one seam allowance that could have been a bit deeper.  Shows up plainly on the photo but I didn't notice it before!  I've been very distracted with the new kitten in our family - she's not a very good helpmate in the sewing studio.

I like this block - it would be fun to make a scrappy quilt with it.


Sherrye said...

As you say, this block would be a pretty quilt. Because of your colors, I thought of Christmas. It's very pretty!

Sherrye said...

Oh, and the story was very interesting!! How brave....I would have been so scared to even try!