Monday, November 21, 2011

Feathered and Other Fine Friends

I posted photos of this international round robin quilt while I was working on the rays in the upper left part a while back. The quilting is finally finished and it is bound - though not show ready (needs blocking and there's no label or hanging sleeve).

This is how I resolved the quilting in the rays - there's a little alternating curl in the parts that were too narrow for leaves. The rays generally turned out to be more elaborate than I planned, but I like them!

I was also pleased with the way this next photo turned out (I just like the background with rocks and trees). I think you can see the oak leaves in the gray border on the right if you click for the higher resolution photo.

For the rest of the quilting, I started at the bottom with oak leaves, a pine forest and pine boughs, a deer, and a bear - and started doing some freehand leaves and echoes. Then came some cats, a hummingbird and a cardinal, a rooster, flowers, and a music staff. All of these designs were from books of quilting designs my parents gave me when I was quilting for others. I used things I like and took cues from the "I Spy" inclusions in the blocks to choose the motifs. The details didn't show up too well in photos, so I'm not posting all of them.

I was running out of ideas by the time I got to the top, but the little Kiwi inspired some fern fills and the precious Merino sheep needed to be fenced in.

It seemed like there were a lot of quilted feathers, the quilt was made for a round robin, and then there were birds as a repeating motif in the blocks and quilting, so the working name for the quilt so far is my post title, "Feathered and Other Fine Friends." The "other" refers mainly to my quilting friends - but includes all the creatures on the quilt.


Dorry said...

Oh what a heart warmer it was to see this. I just love to look at quilts that look like the person/people making it had a wonderful time doing so. And just look at all the variety of quilt motifs you have used. Gorgeous. When a robin is stitching something for another robin you just hope that they will like it so to see the top turned into a real finished quilt is a tonic for the soul. The texture is just beautiful to look at.

Kerry Payne said...

Where on earth does one begin to comment on this?

I swear you have another part to your brain Cheryl that is certainly missing in mine!

You have drawn on so many things in the blocks for inspiration and turned this simply pieced top into an absolute masterpiece - I can only think of one word "gob-smacked"....

Judy said...

Cheryl, I am almost at a loss for words, and that NEVER happens. I am in total agreement with Kerry! You 'see' things in a quilt I didn't know existed. These simple blocks have become so rich and vibrant (my little USA rooster never looked so good)that I have become quite emotional thinking of all the fine friends joined together in your quilt and treated with such elegant creative thought and design. I feel humbled and grateful...thank you.

Jo said...

Oh Cheryl this is so very beautiful, I am just in awe of your ability to 'see' designs and incredible skill in quilting them.
A simple quilt top now a wondrous picture of texture and splendour.

Sherrye said...

Cheryl, as usual, your talented work is superb! A true work of art.....yes, all about texture, and when you're a touchy-feely person, it's heaven.

Ann said...

Your quilting on this is amazing! Love how it radiates out from the corner and moves into the curve of the feathers. Any chance it will be making a trip with you to Virginia? Would love to see both you and your quilt in person!