Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Several firsts

Here's the story on my latest knitting project completed.

The yarn came from New Zealand - it was a gift from Dorry's sister Kerry who lives in New Zealand. I quilted a Round Robin quilt for her earlier this year and blogged about it here. I can't remember anyone ever giving me yarn before - other than my mother when she taught me to knit years ago. The yarn is a "limited edition" blend of mohair, nylon, and merino wool. I don't know if there are any vendors in North America carrying their yarns - perhaps some of their main lines, but not this one!

It came with the patterns pictured on the box - I had been thinking I'd like a pair of fingerless mitts. The pattern gave directions for three lengths. I made the medium to be able to tuck into long sleeves or cover my arm when wearing with a long sleeved tee like the one I have on in the photos.

I've never had fingerless gloves before, and I've certainly never made any kind of hand wear. Isn't this practical?

It was a fun knit - quick and easy - and I may be the only one wearing them this winter in this hemisphere.


Dorry said...

How fun to see this yarn turned into something practical. I imagine you had this knitting project done in very little time.

Sherrye said...

I gave my mother some fingerless gloves today, but they weren't in yarn. Yours look very warm and snuggly!!

I have my quilts in a shop in the Grove Arcade and they specialize in yarn........I'll have to see if they can get this in there.