Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 45 - Port and Starboard

Yesterday, I almost checked my 1861 History for November, somehow thinking it was time for a maritime theme. Well, maybe it was, though nothing about this particular block except the name seems to fit.

For some reason, everything was going along swimmingly, until it came to the center of the block, in the very last seam. Then, some kind of total inability to match a simple four-patch seam took hold of me. I pulled that out enough times to make up for not having any problems with the rest of the block. I like the result though.


Dorry said...

You have made a very pleasant rendition of this block. I keep seeing what I think are new fabrics in your selections; these look very well together.

Sherrye said...

There's that bluish-green with the red berries that I love so much (I have that in my stash too). VERY pretty block!!