Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 46 - Apple Tree

As I've stated here before, quilt blocks that use triangles and squares to represent organic objects are not my favorites. However, this week's Apple Tree, chosen to represent the feelings of the Unionists towards Jefferson Davis who was elected 150 years ago this week, was also a good symbol for me to make for my brother Roger. The house we grew up in, and that Roger subsequently raised his daughters in, had three productive apple trees in the backyard. Our mother was famous for baking pies, apple pie in particular, and Roger has followed in her footsteps.

The block - simplified by Barbara Brackman from an original 7-patch - was not going to work to represent an apple tree with my fabrics, so I designed a new Apple Tree just for Roger, based on the 8-inch finished size we're working with.

I used my blue with red fabric, and added one of the red florals from the layer cake set I acquired recently, to give a more random smattering of "red apples" than the original Tree of Temptation had. I also eliminated the tree colors at the top corner of the block, so it more resembles the shape of the apple trees we grew up with. Making the trunk in one piece required a bit of partial piecing. I'm pleased with my version of Sour Apple Tree.


Dorry said...

This looks just great and I love your writeup to go with it. I think I'll stop and reconsider my block. You show this one on point - does this mean you are going to set some/all of your blocks on point?

Sherrye said...

It pleases me too. Very creative. Because you "cut the top out" of the tree, it looks more like a mature OLD apple tree would look.......a little more "sprawly"!!