Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another quilt in need of a name

Earlier this week, I finished the quilting on the Charming Australian Charms quilt and got it bound.

I solved my dilemma on how to quilt it by taking inspiration from the Aboriginal Art-inspired fabrics that came in the set. The one highlighted below is an example -

If you are having trouble seeing the dark green thread on dark green fabric in the close up above, perhaps you can see the dark green thread on the back, in the straight(ish) lines between the light colored thread squiggle threads.. I used the idea of lines of dots to stay with my idea of straight lines to keep the focus on the little charm squares. The quilted circles are very tiny - I could probably put four of them on my little fingernail.

I took this photo at an angle in an attempt to show how the quilting makes the featured squares pop up from the background.

The fabric with the cockatoo (second photo up from here) is going to be the label and was provided by International Round Robin Friend Heather who gave me the charm squares. But I need to name the quilt-- it's always harder to find a name for the quilt than to make it!


Sherrye said...

Collection down under
Collection pouch (referring to the kangaroo)
Aussie Beauty
Hop to it

(Being are so creative, you will come up with just the right name!!)

Dorry said...

How about "Simply Charming" or borrowing an local phrase "You Beaut".