Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes is what I call Dorry's latest quilt, made for a guild challenge. She was to create a quilt based on the song, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue."

(be sure to click these photos to see details!)

Dorry had several requirements to meet for the challenge - mine was not to spoil the magical effect of her work. I don't know if the quilt was casting a spell, or if I was just in a better frame of mind to do this kind of thing than I ever have before. Perhaps it was looking at all the Zentangles, which I had been studying before I took the class a couple of weeks back, reported here.

Dorry's beautiful gardens have flowers and a bird house just like she has portrayed in her quilt. Her birdhouse has yet to attract a bluebird, but I gave her one for the quilted version, visible to the left of the coneflower.

I used more different quilting motifs for the background fill than I have ever done on one quilt before: feathers, leaves, swirls, wavy crosshatching, clamshells, fans, and shamrocks are the ones I can think of. The three diagonally oriented curved echoed lines in the center of this next photo are loosely based on a Zentangle design I had not previously attempted in pen and ink. The quilting in the light triangles is related to the echo and fill border I gave all the appliqued flowers.

The backing Dorry chose affords a different view of the quilting.

This last photo shows the extensive fill quilting I did on the shamrock border I posted here back in early April.

Dorry plans to add crystals to the quilt in honor of the song's recording artist. She has about a month to do that and get the quilt bound for the Quilter's Unlimited show where it will be hung with other quilts from the challenge.


Dorry said...

Oh, isn't the quilting on this just fabulous! Now I have to do the finishing touches of binding and some embellishments using crystals and beads.

Sherrye said...

the quilt AND the quilting are exquisite!!